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At the beginning I prepare the analysis of the complete institution by inspecting the processes, conducting the interviews with key employees and documentation overview. After completing all this, I have a clear picture of who does what, what they think they are doing and what they should actually be doing. This is how I get a complete image about the company and identify the reasons for its current position.

I present my findings to the client. After we agree on the method of solving the situation, the work is step by step executed, all key people are connected and participating in the project and they gradually take responsibility for their work.


  • Implementing change is an extensive procedure which encompasses all segments of running a business; it always starts with director’s way of thinking.
  • Coaching for managers. I work with the management by implementing a comprehensive approach, so that they can look on themselves from the third person’s perspective and can implement change on themselves. I include sports activities, healthy diet and other changes in their lifestyle.
  • Analysis of processes, human resources, documentation is executed on the premises of the company; most important in this part are the interviews with the employees.
  • Running management meetings. The changes begin with delegating tasks and appropriate communication. The leading group of managers becomes the key institution within the company. Several levels of it are created and tasks and responsibilities are clearly defined. Changes are implemented by clear communication within the group and with the employees. In this way the employees can feel no disturbances while the changes are being implemented.
  • Profiling, or creating personal profiles by analysing a photo and/or having an interview, using the techniques of physiognomy, bioenergy, transactional analysis and NLP. Profiling is helpful to forecast reactions of individual people when implementing changes and planning business actions.
  • Psychotherapy for employees. I am available to the employees in the company and they can come for a talk about personal or work issues.
  • Lobbying at public institutions.
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Business Consulting Voucher 2 hours

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