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Why have I developed premium personal coaching?

The story of each and every one of us of us could be compared to the story of an eagle.

Eagles namely have the longest life expectancy among birds since they can live up to 70 years. But in order for an eagle to live so long, it must, at the age of forty, accept a difficult and strenuous decision – to get rid of all “old and useless” physical burdens that hinder him.

At this age the eagle’s:

  • long and flexible claws get useless for hunting; they no longer serve him to be able to catch the prey he feeds on,
  • long and sharp beak bends,
  • old and heavy wings with thick feathers get stuck and disable his flying and hunting abilities.

At this age the eagle has two options: to die or to undertake a painful process of change, a transformation which lasts no less than 150 long days.

This process of change begins at the top of a mountain where the eagle chose to fly to. It hits the rocks with its beak for so long that a part of his beak breaks off. Then it waits for a new beak to grow. With its new beak it breaks off his old and useless claws. Once the new claws grow back, it plucks the old feathers off. The transformation lasts five months! Afterwards it flies again as a reborn, strong eagle and lives for another 30 years.

I help each individual to make decisions which can lead to a complete transformation in life, just like the one eagles make to start their lives again.

One cannot hide in a room bathed in light.

Milan Kranjc

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Personal Coaching Voucher 1 hour

Now you can give yourself or the one in need, the most powerful gift: the possibility of a complete personal transformation. By purchasing a one-tim ...